Some of the projects with students and teachers are listed below:

  • Linear Magnetic Motor (2010)
  • Linear Air Track, Wilberforce Pendulum (2009)
  • Cylinder rolling down an inclined plane (2012)
  • Digital Ohm-meter with 0.01 Ω least count (2013)
  • Fourier analysis of square wave (2014)
  • Coefficient of magnetic friction between a magnetic puck and a aluminum plane (2014)
  • Video on Adiabatic Process using Fire Syringe (2015)
  • Standardizing experiment on liquid drops under horizontal surfaces (2017)
  • Worked on building an activity-based module on sound for class 9 CBSE syllabus (2018)
  • Building a model of LIGO Mirror Assembly (2019)
  • Investigated the relationship between the end corrections in length and the diameter, resonances in Helmholtz resonators, pipe with one end closed and pipe with both ends open (2019)
  • Studied the variation of magnetic field with respect to distance for a cylindrical magnet (2019)
  • Energy Band Gap of LEDs of different colors using optical as well as electrical method (2019)
  • Developing a low-cost spectrometer for a 10+2 laboratory (2019)
  • Preparing an interface for accepting two analog inputs and plotting them simultaneously (2019)
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