Experimental Development

Over the years, the experiments are developed for training and selecting students at the orientation cum selection camps at HBCSE for both physics olympiad as well as junior science olympiad. Some experiments from the past international olympiads were replicated for training the Indian teams representing at international physics olympiads. India hosted two International Olympiads in Physics in the years 2012 and 2015. I was given the responsibility of developing one experiment each for both these international olympiads.

Along with the experiments developed for olympiad activity, this section also describes the low-cost instrumentation development with a focus on higher secondary and undergraduate laboratories in India.

I have guided a number of students for their undergraduate and postgraduate projects. I have worked with  teachers on development of different low-cost instrumentation and experiments. These projects are listed in the ‘Projects’ section.

Some of the experiments developed are lent to different colleges in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra, as the faculty found these experiments useful even at the undergraduate level.

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