Conferences/Workshops attended

1. epiSTEME – 1 conference by HBCSE at Goa (2004)

Presented a poster on “Students’ alternative conceptions in pressure, heat and temperature”.

2. International Conference on Physics Education, New Delhi (2005)

  • Oral presentation on “Understanding undergraduate experiments using Action research approach” and
  • Poster on Students’ misconceptions about heat transfer mechanisms and elementary kinetic theory.

3. Annual Convention of Indian Association of Physics Teachers at Jabalpur (2006)

Participated in the National Competition in Innovative Experiments in Physics with an experiment on Magnetic Black Box.

4. Annual Convention of Indian Association of Physics Teachers at Shimla (2007)

Oral presentation on “Partial Open-Ended Approach”.

5. National Initiative on Science Education conference by Atomic Energy Education Society, Mumbai (2007)

Poster on “Students’ Alternative Conceptions on Heat and Thermodynamics”.

6. Annual Convention of Indian Association of Physics Teachers at Bangalore (2008)

I was invited to judge the National Competition in Innovative Experiments in Physics.

7. International Conference at Hands on Science, Ahmedabad (2009)

Oral presentation on “Understanding Thermal Equilibrium through Hands on Activities”.

8. Annual Convention of Indian Association of Physics Teachers at Kanpur (2009)

Oral presentation on “Graph Plotting Skills of Students – A Study”

9. epiSTEME – 4, conference by HBCSE at Mumbai (2011)

Poster on “Students’ understanding of thermal equilibrium”

10. Workshop on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), Pune (2010)

In this workshop I was introduced to different program under open source environment like LaTex, Octave, gnuplot etc.

11. Workshop on LabView software at TIFR, Mumbai (2010)

I learnt basic use of LabView software. I used this software to develop an interface for different activities in thermodynamics.

12. PHYSWARE Workshop, New Delhi (2012)

This workshop was focused on activity-based learning of various topics in physics and introduction to different diagnostic tools used in physics education research.

13. International Conference in Physics Education (ICPE), Prague, August 2013

Oral presentation on “Understanding thermal equilibrium through activities”

14. International Conference on Education in Chemistry (ICEC), Mumbai, 2014

Oral presentation on “Activities to address students’ alternative conceptions in elementary thermodynamics”

15. GIREP at Palermo, Italy in July 2014

GIREP is an international membership organization (founded in 1966), open to individuals with a concern to improve the teaching of physics —teachers and their supporters (researchers, coaches, curriculum developers). GIREP conducts annual conferences in the field of physics education. I attended the conference in 2014 at Palermo, Italy. I presented a poster on “Understanding first law of thermodynamics through activities”.

16. Annual Convention of Indian Association of Physics Teachers at Hyderabad, 2015

Oral presentations on

  1. “Understanding first law of thermodynamics through activities” and
  2. “Understanding thermal equilibrium through activities”

 17. WFPhC conferences:

The World Federation of Physics Competitions organizes regular activities around the globe such as a biannual congress. I attended two conferences.

WFPhC conference at Indonesia, 2016

I conducted a workshop on the “Low cost Michelson Interferometer” developed by us for a group of 14 participants from different countries.

WFPhC conference at Vienna, February 2018

Oral presentation on “Indian National Olympiad program and its contribution to undergraduate education”.

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