Camps/Workshops Conducted

Two camps are annually conducted in HBCSE, which involves academic interactions with the teacher community. These are Teachers Exposure camp and Resource Generation Camp (RGC).

Teachers Exposure Camp:

The Exposure camps are held every year to introduce the teacher community to the physics olympiad activity. Around 50 teachers participate every year. Sessions on theoretical and experimental component are conducted in the camp. I am in charge of the experimental component. I begin with a session on different aspects of experimental physics like procedural understanding, graph plotting, uncertainty analysis. Later, laboratory Sessions are conducted in which the teachers are given Olympiad Experiments to perform. Interested teachers are invited to contribute in resource generation camps.

Resource Generation Camps:

The resource generation camps are meant for generating new ideas for the experimental development. In these camps, teachers from different institutions are invited to present their work in terms of experimental development. These ideas are discussed by the experts in the field. Ideas, which are deemed suitable for Physics orientation cum selection Camp, are further worked on by me. These experiments are then thoroughly standardized by me along with my project staff. The follow up resource generation camps are then conducted to finalize the question paper, answersheet, model solution and marking scheme. Since 2006-2007, around 80 teachers have contributed in these camps.

Laboratory sessions on undergraduate physics experiments and methodology of doing those experiments:

1. Summer course in experimental physics at HBCSE, Mumbai (1999 – 2003)

2. At the Motivational Bridging Course (1 week duration):

  • Gogate-Joglekar College, Ratnagiri. (May 2009)
  • Dayanand Science College, Latur (June 2010)
  • Deogiri College, Aurangabad (June 2011)
  • Yeshwant College, Nanded. (May 2012)

3. National talent search camp 2011 at HBCSE, Mumbai

4. Magadh Mahila College (teachers), Patna (2013)

5. Indian Association of Physics Teachers – Subregional Council, Goa (2002)

Workshop on Low-cost Michelson Interferometer:

1. Jhunjhunwala College, Mumbai

2. R.D. National College, Mumbai

3. WFPhC Congress at Jakarta, Indonesia in September 2017 (Teachers)

Workshops on activities on First Law of Thermodynamics (2015 – 16):

1. Gogate Joglekar College in Ratnagiri

2. IHET College at Tehri

3. RYK College of Nashik (workshop conducted in HBCSE),

4. Jhunjhunwala College in Mumbai

5. M. Mohota College at Nagpur

6. Acharya Marathe College in Mumbai

Activities with Mumbai University’s Extra Mural Department:

I conducted a 15 days course namely “Hobby Electronics” for the students above 10th in D. G. Ruparel College, Mahim (1999 – 2003).

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